Saturday, November 5, 2011

Art Event 6

11-5-11 "Despicable Me" This movie was very fun and funny. One of my favorite scenes was the roller coaster scene. I imagine that in order to make it realistic they must have actually used the perspective of a roller coaster ride and then had frames be slower or faster when needed. I noticed they would make the whole scene shake ever so often in the movie since for instance in the roller coaster ride your body would move right and left, or if there was an explosion the earth would shake so the scenes would act as if they shook. It made the movie feel overall like a ride. There were many scenes where something would float, for instance when the little green guys took the potion to float, I could see myself being able to make that possible in the animations we've learned. It depends on the perspective that the camera initially was you would make something exit by getting smaller or if towards you it would be bigger. For animations I keep forgetting that even though they can follow many real world rules, they still break them and make them enjoyable by not really hurting the characters. For instance in the explosions the people would really die but just appear dirty. It was fun when they played with slow motion like when Mr. Gru tried to enter the home of Vector and Vector sent out his missiles, Gru did a bunch of flips on the missiles and missed him and ended up exploding the gate, they must have used more frames to allow it to look like slow motion. They used masking in several instance for instance when Gru popped his nose on the book that he made for the girls, which appeared as the unicorn's unicorn. It was cool how they had different layer for the shark behind the water, where you can see it creeping under the living room of Vector and then popped up without it. Also when he would freeze animals they must use same "freeze gradient". It's fun to think that when they made something shrink how easy it is to minimize the whole thing, but you must do certain things first like make it shake and morph weird first like with the elephant some parts of it became small first. One of the funny parts was when Gru shrunk the moon they played back to earth where they was a warewolf howling at the moon and it "tweened" to a human. Then there was someone surfing and the water was no longer held up but it went back to a low tide.