Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Art Event 10

Betty Boop Cartoon Banned For Drug Use 1934 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9Tb4TMibk0 12/13/11 This is a black and white movie. It was about Betty book being drawn by a man and the from the ink came out a clown that ate a candy bar and then had a toothache. Betty Boop then tried to help him out bu drawing on the paper a dentist office and tried to take his tooth off herself. Through out the animation real object became animated. One Betty turned on the laughing gas, it became in contact with real life objects and it caused them to laugh and move hysterically. Even real people from the street were affected and started to laugh hysterically. Many objects often moved the same way back and forth which must have saved on drawing something similar and still caused that sense of comedy in the cartoon.

Art Event 9

Nyan Cat [original] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH2-TGUlwu4 12/13/11 It's pretty ridiculous that this cat that looks like a poptart and is being propelled by a rainbow has more than 52 million views... It is pretty much a grey cat that is pixelated like old video games and even the night sky is pixelated and it's tail is moving back and forth while it flies through the air. It is crazy to think that not much was done in this animation but that it can have people interested enough to click it once. Not only that but I think because it has had that many views people try to use the same cat and change it a bit so that maybe those views could check their animation as well. I might even consider doing an animation and post it on youtube of that cat.

Art Event 8

Happy Valentine's Day: Forever Alone (Audioswapped) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UOd53l3kH0 12/13/11 I liked the video because it referenced the internet memes such as forever alone(being the main one), the me gusta guy and the troll. I thought was clever that they blur the background once the character walks in to have a focus effect, like a camera would in real life. I thought the characters where very simple but they carried a better emphasize on their face. The characters all were white since the internet memes are usually white and are mostly expressed by their facial expression. The story is mostly about a guy who likes a girl but she rejects him. There is no dialogue, but just music playing. It is funnier that way. It's funny because the guy emphasized on the forever alone face by having a close up of him. While the girl is just looking at him confused. I liked that when he was back in his room he starred at the ceiling, and it moved, and then the girl faded in as if he is thinking of her. It was clever to have him be in the computer and have him trolling the internet since he's so alone, so it seems pathetic but very funny. He then looks at his phone which shows that he has no friends on his phone or on facebook so he drives off. The trees appearing every now and then gave the moving effect of the car.

Art event 7

"It's Fred!" FRED Gets Adopted Ep.1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5w32AxBn5S8&feature=g-all 12/3/11 I've never seen the animated version of "Fred" videos on youtube until now and it was kind of amusing. Fred was trying to get adopted because he found out that Judy' parents were considering adoption. He thought that the best way to always be close to her was to be adopted by her parents. Judy is a girl that he really likes. Fred thought this was a brilliant idea since he also dislikes his mom. The difference with the animated version and the real Fred is that usually Fred doesn't show other people, while he plays the voices of the other characters. It was fun to see what his mom looked like in the animated version, Judy and his nemesis the bully. It was interesting to still see the animated version try to act like Fred is videoing himself. With animation it's always fun because you can easily draw someone hurt like he was after the fight he had with the hill billy kids. It is also very easy to play with stereotypes by drawing them a certain way.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Art Event 6

11-5-11 "Despicable Me" This movie was very fun and funny. One of my favorite scenes was the roller coaster scene. I imagine that in order to make it realistic they must have actually used the perspective of a roller coaster ride and then had frames be slower or faster when needed. I noticed they would make the whole scene shake ever so often in the movie since for instance in the roller coaster ride your body would move right and left, or if there was an explosion the earth would shake so the scenes would act as if they shook. It made the movie feel overall like a ride. There were many scenes where something would float, for instance when the little green guys took the potion to float, I could see myself being able to make that possible in the animations we've learned. It depends on the perspective that the camera initially was you would make something exit by getting smaller or if towards you it would be bigger. For animations I keep forgetting that even though they can follow many real world rules, they still break them and make them enjoyable by not really hurting the characters. For instance in the explosions the people would really die but just appear dirty. It was fun when they played with slow motion like when Mr. Gru tried to enter the home of Vector and Vector sent out his missiles, Gru did a bunch of flips on the missiles and missed him and ended up exploding the gate, they must have used more frames to allow it to look like slow motion. They used masking in several instance for instance when Gru popped his nose on the book that he made for the girls, which appeared as the unicorn's unicorn. It was cool how they had different layer for the shark behind the water, where you can see it creeping under the living room of Vector and then popped up without it. Also when he would freeze animals they must use same "freeze gradient". It's fun to think that when they made something shrink how easy it is to minimize the whole thing, but you must do certain things first like make it shake and morph weird first like with the elephant some parts of it became small first. One of the funny parts was when Gru shrunk the moon they played back to earth where they was a warewolf howling at the moon and it "tweened" to a human. Then there was someone surfing and the water was no longer held up but it went back to a low tide.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art event 5

"Coraline" October 23, 2011 The story is about a little girl that moves in with her mom and dad to a place she hates. There is a little door that allows her to go to another world where things go her way thanks to her new mother who has button eyes. She finds out that the world is not as nice as she thought because her mom seeks her to have buttons too. There is a talking cat in that world that tries to warn her. There are cool graphics like when she tries to leave the world by walking away, things start to turn white and she somehow ends up where she started. Objects fuse into other things like a cute rat that was sounding the alarm turned into a nasty big rat when the cat killed it. The mother in the scary world gets angry and ends up turning into this tall and skinny monster looking mom. The lighting I though was very surreal and gave it a very realistic feeling. It surprised me that the two large, older women were showed almost naked as they performed. They then however, unzipped themselves into thin like trapasists. There were crazy special effects for instance the evil mom placed her through a wall that glowed and trapped her so she could behave. They did a good job to have the wall turn solid again, it was very surrealistic. It was also cool to see things glow, the girl's sweater with stars would glow, it's as if there were neon lights around (it gave it that spooky feel). There were three children ghosts that glowed and were transparent with buttons on their eyes that appeared. The objects in the evil world seem to be like a doll. The mouse that died for instance had grain inside. When Toby her friend found her, he had his mouth sown so he had a forced smile that mother created. The story progressed by having the ghosts ask Coraline to find their eyes that mother took out of them so they can be set free. This movie kind of did freak me out, because I thought would have an innocent look but it gets scary because it does make you appreciate what simple things you have at home, because they are genuine and accept you how you are without taking advantage of you. In the story the "mother" wanted to have her as a rag doll and eat her. It kind of puts it out there that if things are too good to be true they probably are.

Art event 4

October 23, 2011 Futurama "A flight to Remember" The cartoon is a tribute to the movie "The Titanic" only that this it takes place in the future and it's a spaceship that is helming by guy named Zapp Brannigan who pursues Leela, the girl with one eye. As a result she tries to act as if she's engaged to Fry the guy from the past. The asian girl also uses Fry once she bumps into her parents who want her married with a white guy already by saying he's her boyfriend. The cartoon is funny because they make fun of certain differences in class, like the levels where people live. They head down the elevator to see where they will sleep and they are below the rich, the middle class who are typical vactioners, the workers keeping the ship running and even a level for laundry. Bender is the robot who acts like a bomb in the cartoon, who often steals. He ends up falling in love with a high class robot and he tries to impress her by acting rich. They act as if they are "Rose" and "Jack" in "The Titanic". He tries to lift her on the edge and his arms fall off because she's too heavy. He then draws her naked, and it's covered by his pad, but once they reveal his drawing her body is a curcuit. They show how they are making love in a a car by only showing sparks in the car. The cartoon is very humorous because the ocebergs are represented by comets, and then they get in trouble once they are heading to a black whole, since they're in space they can't necessarily sink unless it's through a black hole. I found these things very clever.