Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Art Event 8

Happy Valentine's Day: Forever Alone (Audioswapped) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UOd53l3kH0 12/13/11 I liked the video because it referenced the internet memes such as forever alone(being the main one), the me gusta guy and the troll. I thought was clever that they blur the background once the character walks in to have a focus effect, like a camera would in real life. I thought the characters where very simple but they carried a better emphasize on their face. The characters all were white since the internet memes are usually white and are mostly expressed by their facial expression. The story is mostly about a guy who likes a girl but she rejects him. There is no dialogue, but just music playing. It is funnier that way. It's funny because the guy emphasized on the forever alone face by having a close up of him. While the girl is just looking at him confused. I liked that when he was back in his room he starred at the ceiling, and it moved, and then the girl faded in as if he is thinking of her. It was clever to have him be in the computer and have him trolling the internet since he's so alone, so it seems pathetic but very funny. He then looks at his phone which shows that he has no friends on his phone or on facebook so he drives off. The trees appearing every now and then gave the moving effect of the car.

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