Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art event 5

"Coraline" October 23, 2011 The story is about a little girl that moves in with her mom and dad to a place she hates. There is a little door that allows her to go to another world where things go her way thanks to her new mother who has button eyes. She finds out that the world is not as nice as she thought because her mom seeks her to have buttons too. There is a talking cat in that world that tries to warn her. There are cool graphics like when she tries to leave the world by walking away, things start to turn white and she somehow ends up where she started. Objects fuse into other things like a cute rat that was sounding the alarm turned into a nasty big rat when the cat killed it. The mother in the scary world gets angry and ends up turning into this tall and skinny monster looking mom. The lighting I though was very surreal and gave it a very realistic feeling. It surprised me that the two large, older women were showed almost naked as they performed. They then however, unzipped themselves into thin like trapasists. There were crazy special effects for instance the evil mom placed her through a wall that glowed and trapped her so she could behave. They did a good job to have the wall turn solid again, it was very surrealistic. It was also cool to see things glow, the girl's sweater with stars would glow, it's as if there were neon lights around (it gave it that spooky feel). There were three children ghosts that glowed and were transparent with buttons on their eyes that appeared. The objects in the evil world seem to be like a doll. The mouse that died for instance had grain inside. When Toby her friend found her, he had his mouth sown so he had a forced smile that mother created. The story progressed by having the ghosts ask Coraline to find their eyes that mother took out of them so they can be set free. This movie kind of did freak me out, because I thought would have an innocent look but it gets scary because it does make you appreciate what simple things you have at home, because they are genuine and accept you how you are without taking advantage of you. In the story the "mother" wanted to have her as a rag doll and eat her. It kind of puts it out there that if things are too good to be true they probably are.

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