Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art event 4

October 23, 2011 Futurama "A flight to Remember" The cartoon is a tribute to the movie "The Titanic" only that this it takes place in the future and it's a spaceship that is helming by guy named Zapp Brannigan who pursues Leela, the girl with one eye. As a result she tries to act as if she's engaged to Fry the guy from the past. The asian girl also uses Fry once she bumps into her parents who want her married with a white guy already by saying he's her boyfriend. The cartoon is funny because they make fun of certain differences in class, like the levels where people live. They head down the elevator to see where they will sleep and they are below the rich, the middle class who are typical vactioners, the workers keeping the ship running and even a level for laundry. Bender is the robot who acts like a bomb in the cartoon, who often steals. He ends up falling in love with a high class robot and he tries to impress her by acting rich. They act as if they are "Rose" and "Jack" in "The Titanic". He tries to lift her on the edge and his arms fall off because she's too heavy. He then draws her naked, and it's covered by his pad, but once they reveal his drawing her body is a curcuit. They show how they are making love in a a car by only showing sparks in the car. The cartoon is very humorous because the ocebergs are represented by comets, and then they get in trouble once they are heading to a black whole, since they're in space they can't necessarily sink unless it's through a black hole. I found these things very clever.

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