Saturday, October 22, 2011

Art event 2

October 22, 2011 Simpsons "The Regina Monologues" In the story Bart comes in possession of a $1,000 bill, open a museum where he triples his money and with his gains takes his family to travel to England. The family comes to this round about in England and keeps going around until Homer decides to get out of it and jams through the rail and hits the Queen's golden chariot. I find it amusing that in the Simpson's they wear the same clothes but when they go on vacation they switch to the "vacation" clothes. At the end it was funny to see Homer find his long lost sister, she looks exactly like homer but has woman's clothes, a wig and lipstick. In the cartoon I think was clever when they had magazines representing different funny circumstances that they put themselves into in England, it gave it a comedic feel. It reminded me how in class it can be hard to make something funny, but because they related it to how magazines can tend to be ridiculous and exaggerate or can be stereotypical. With out any moving image, you can find it funny by what they display and what they have written down. Before I had wondered how they made them look as if they are behind the table and able to put their shoulder on the table and after I experimented with the frame-by-frame, that when they place an empty frame, they only add a layer to the object that is on top of the table and places the table on their body. I also though how easy the part where Homer is driving could be, by having a layer behind the car and having it keep moving.

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