Saturday, October 22, 2011

Art event 1

October 12, 2011 “Ritmo Loco” Gunnar Biggs (bass), Mike Holguin (percussion), Danny Green (piano), and Dan Reagan (trombone). There was a piano, trumpet, bongos, drums and acoustic bass. The music makes you feel happy and desire to dance. There was no singing but just pure salsa music with bit of Afro-Cuban influences. They demonstrated different aspects of Latin Jazz and played a mongo “Santa Maria” that had a cha-cha feel. They mentioned how N.Y. applied to Jazz that they played and how it was actually influenced mostly by Americans. The Mambo they played had a funky feel and I felt as if the trumpet was almost speaking. I liked how at the end the music got louder and it intensified the feeling of movement. I noticed that when they play they are not having much interaction with the audience. They seem very into their instruments. The acoustic bass guy, Biggs tends to move his mouth as he plays. Reagan slaps his hip , then he and Biggs signal each other in certain parts. They mentioned how they started at an early age; 5, 10, 13 and 16 years old. It made me think that the students in my class might be musicians that can inspire others. They employ a high degree of improve of melodies through solos. They taught us a few lessons of Latin music; 3 side and 2 side to it (1 pop defines it with a “pop”). They are all supposed to match “the clave”. They used the audience to clap so we could be their “clave”. I enjoyed being able to interact with them at the end.

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