Saturday, October 22, 2011

Art event 3

October 22, 2011 Jimmy Neutron: " Journey to the Center of Carl; Aaughh!! Wilderness" Jimmy makes up a chip that enables him to have mild symptoms of being sick so he can miss school. I think it's cool how his body looks the same but his color in certain parts of his face are changed so he looks pale, with dark eyes and a pink nose. I find it clever that every transition is filled with rock music and a electrons revolving around a neutron in a cool way to represent that something interesting is about to happen. There are different transitions where the neutron shifts and gets smaller, acts as if its moving. In one scene the three boys are on the phone, they each are split into a column as they talk to each other when Jimmy's dad comes in all their eyes turn right and stop moving. When Jimmy finds something confusing or irritating he looks at the camera so we can empathize with him. Like when his dad decides to home school him he looked at the camera because he is in disbelief that his dad is trying to ruin his break from school. I find the lighting and shadowing of great significance since it gives the animation a 3D feel. It also allows you to easily understand the shift from one perspective to the other, like for instance Carl was placed in the plastic bubble, but first our perspective was from the inside so we didn't even know he was in the bubble until our perspective magically was transported to the outside by passing through the bubble. Carl and his friend shrunk to try find the cure to their disease since the chip he gave out was absorbed by their skin. It was funny when they went inside only to find Carl's brain is quite small, it proves how he's not very intelligence. the liquid "acidic" substance seemed some what real by the bubbles that came from it and it showed how jelly like it was when they landed on it. It was funny to see his friend get stuck in a bubble and when Jimmy tried to extract the Mitochondria from the virus, the thing freaked out and so more came to attack them.

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